PIN – a photo posted to Pinterest that, once clicked, links directly to the website the image came from

PINNER – a person who uses Pinterest

BOARD – Think of these as virtual bulletin boards where pins live. Boards often have themes or color schemes. All pins are classified into boards.

REPIN – Pinners are always scouring other pinner’s boards and once they see something they like, they can “repin” the pin onto their boards.

DESCRIPTION - the caption beneath an image on a pin

HASHTAG – used to categorize pins and make them searchable by that category. For example, at Pinbooster, we tag sponsored pins as #ad so that we show that they are advertisements.

FOLLOWERS – the people who are currently subscribing to a pinner’s boards, likely because they share similar interests and want to see what that person is pinning.

RATIO – how many people a pinner is following compared to how many people are following them.