Everyone involved with Pinbooster is required to disclose that their pin is an advertisement.

Simple, right?

We make sure that this rule is being followed by using a disclosure engine. When a pin goes through Pinbooster, it is automatically tagged to indicate that it is an advertisement.

We would have this rule regardless of whether or not the law was involved, but just in case you’re curious, here is a quote from the FTC regulations: “When there exists a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product that might materially affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement (i.e., the connection is not reasonably expected by the audience), such connection must be fully disclosed” (Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255).

Report a Violation:

We joke about a lot of things, but honesty isn’t one of them. If you think someone is breaking our rules, please let us know.